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We are really happy to welcome you to our beautiful school. Sunflower Pre- and Primary School is a co-educational day and boarding school. Sunflower Pre- and Primary School, located at the foot of Lord’s Hill on the outskirts of Ilula Township in Masukanzi hamlet, offers a unique and ideal quiet learning environment for children. The school provides bus transportation for day students and exceptional boarding facilities for both boys and girls. Sunflower Pre and Primary School seeks to provide quality education with personal life ethics and social duties in order to maximize the child’s potential and develop them into self-reliant and responsible citizens of the United Republic of Tanzania and the world at large.


Sunflower Pre & Primary School is a wonderful place to bring your child to learn. Our teachers are smart, kind, and supportive. The school is well organized and efficient. But what keeps us together are the wonderful kids we teach and learn from every day. They are in the right hands.

Edson Ernest Msigwa

Managing Director-iOP tanzania

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Sunflower Pre & Primary School is dedicated to providing a safe, supportive, and educational atmosphere that promotes the whole development and evolution of the student’s personality. We create pleasant learning environments, have high standards for all students, and challenge them to attain their full potential as contributing members of society with the right attitude, right action, and right thought. To attain this goal, students, parents, and school personnel collaborate to learn from one another in order to help kids achieve greatness in academics and extracurricular activities. To ensure that we are delivering, we make ourselves available to parents through scheduled meetings and other forms of communication.


Why Sunflower pre & primary school

Experienced Teachers

Sunflower Pre & Primary School is a wonderful place to bring your child to learn. Our teachers are smart, kind, and supportive that's why our school is well organized and efficient.

High quality education

People who receive a good education will be patriotic to their country. We intend to have an impact on our students' education.

Excellent parental care

Students in today's environment spend a significant amount of time at school with their classmates and teachers. The people who surround them should provide parental care.

Excellent moral values

People with better academic proficiency and decent morals are the tools of a civilized nation's peace and harmony.

Conducive Environment

The school setting is quiet and well-kept, with lovely gardens. The class size is not crowded ranging from 25 to 35 students. Textbooks for each subject are distributed to students.

Good sports facilities

Sports is healthy; sports is employment. Knowing these facts, Sunflower Pre-Primary School has playing fields for football grounds with natural grasses and other sports facilities around its schools.

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We continue to accept admission applications from students. We will be delighted to accept your child and provide him or her the best start possible in life. To obtain admission information, kindly click the apply button.


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Edson Msigwa

Managing Director

Phone: +255 767 337 763
Email: Edson.Msigwa@ioptanzania.org 

Berit Skaare

Founder of IOP
Email: berit.iop98@gmail.com


Ilula Orphan Program (IOP)

P. O Box 151

Mazombe, Iringa,Tanzania

Email: post@ioptanzania.org


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